Special events

We will be offering speciality CPD courses throughout the year, all PTR UK members will receive an email notifying them of these course opportunities.

Coming up in September…Simon Wheatley’s masterclass

Improving Groundstroke Technical skills: When Rallying, Attacking and Defending
Session Objectives 
– Assessing and analysing technique in different tactical game situations
– Observe Simon improving technical skills
– Using a checklist to assess outcome and process (technique)
– See a range of on court drills to develop technique at all ages & stages of the pathway
Aimed at:
This workshop is aimed at coaches who are delivering individual lessons for competitive players aged 8+.
Venue: Wimbledon Park
Date: Thursday 15th September
Time: 9.30am – 1.30pm

Coming up in October…Howard Green’s masterclass

‘Supermovers ‘ Tennis specific movement and agility to build better tennis players. 
Aimed at:
All coaches wanting to heighten their understanding and knowledge to build better movement patterns and agility for players on the tennis court.
Venue: Bolton Arena
Date: Friday 21st October
Time: 10am-1pm